Whau Arts Hui

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re going to be holding the Whau Arts Hui on Saturday 27 June. Its an opportunity for people in the community who work or live in the Whau  to get together and talk about things close to our hearts.

By coming together to meet and discuss our communities and the arts as well as share ideas we hope to strengthen the weave of the Whau and open up new friendships and opportunities for collaboration.

We also hope to collectively build a picture of what we want to achieve over the next year and into the future and what support we all need to do that.

The hui is structured like an unconference – which means the participants set the topics and run the sessions on the day. Come on the day with ideas, projects and issues to talk about the people there. The topics don’t have to be about the Whau or about the arts.

Unitec is supporting the Whau Arts Hui by providing us with lots of space to run different discussions.
Lunch will be provided by the WISE collective, and the Wash Against Waste Trailer will be on site to help us reduce our waste.


Whats happening on the day

We’ll start promptly at 9am with introductions and schedule planning in the lower foyer of Building 180, Unitec Mt Albert Campus, Carrington Rd.

Registration will open from 8:40.

Very little in the Hui is pre-planned because we collectively decide what topics and talks we’ll have for the rest of the day in the first hour. If you have an idea you’ve been wanting to workshop, a burning issue you think needs discussion, or skill or body of knowledge you want to share then put it up on the schedule. Sessions are as much conversation as presentation, because everyone in the room has amazing knowledge and experience.

You, the participants, create the day.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea will be provided, and we’ll wrap by 4:30 pm
Unitec will provide free Wifi on the day. There are data projectors and computers in each room and we’ll have logins to be able to use them.

If you haven’t already registered please do so below so we can let the caterers know to make food for you.

Getting there:

The Hui is taking place in Buildings 180 and 182 of the Mt Albert Unitec Campus.The buildings are marked on the map below in red. The campus is easily accessible by public transport, car. There are also bicycle stands on campus.

Bus: Any bus that uses Great North Rd to travel to the city will pass through the Point Chevalier shops. From there walk up Carrington Road to Entrance 3 and follow the path down to building 180/182

Train: Take the Western Line to Mt Albert and walk down Carrington Road to Entrance 4 and follow the walking paths down to building 180

Car: Use Entrance 3 and follow the road down to the marked carpark. Parking is pay and display and costs $3 for a full day (parking may be free on a Saturday, please check the signs).

What is the Whau Arts Hui

The Whau Arts Hui is an opportunity for people in the community who work or live in the Whau (Avondale, New Lynn, Kelston, New Windsor, Blockhouse Bay, Green Bay, Fruitvale, Glen Avon) to get together and talk about things close to their hearts.
By coming together to meet and discuss ideas we hope to strengthen the weave of our community and open up new friendships and opportunities for collaboration. To mix things up we’ve also invited some extra people from out of the area who do amazing work in their community and/or the arts

Why have you been invited?

You’ve been invited to attend because you have a connection to the Whau (you live or work here) and are involved in the arts or community development.
You’ve been invited to attend because we know you do interesting things with the arts or your community and we’d love you to share your experiences with us.

Can you invite other people?

While we can only cater for a limited number of people, we also want to have as broad a representation as possible. If you think there is someone whose voice should be part of this Hui please recommend them using this form (and yes, you can recomend yourself) I’ll invite them as soon as I get a clearer idea of numbers.

How will it run?

The Hui will be run in an unconference style. This means the people who attend the Hui will set the discussion agenda at the beginning of the day and run each session themselves. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space on the schedule at the beginning of the day. There will be four parallel sessions running during the day.

What should we plan to talk about?

Anything you want. The important thing is you’re in charge of what happens.

While the Hui attendees are predominantly drawn from the Whau and the arts you don’t have to talk about the Whau or the arts. You can run a session on anything you want from education and creativity to cycling, tesla coils, or ecology.

When you put up a session topic you also commit to facilitating that session. Typically unconferences feature open discussions rather than having a single speaker at the front of the room giving a talk, but if you have a talk you want to give at the beginning of the session, go for it.

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