AD 2 Me

May to June, 2024




AD 2 Me, 2024

Join sisters Nia and Mile on a sensory journey through an immersive exhibition and zine. Where their perspectives, growing up in Avondale (AD), breathe life into treasured memories of our evolving community. Through vibrant visual art—spanning drawing to mixed media—and evocative sonic compositions, we resurrect iconic spaces lost to development, celebrating their influence in shaping our identity.

This project serves as a heartfelt tribute to our roots, honoring the spaces that nurtured and grounded us. Our aim is to foster connection and relatability within our diverse community, unifying us through shared experiences and memories. Even if our paths never cross, these communal spaces bind us, offering a sense of home and belonging amid rapid change.

“We invite our community to contribute by sharing their own stories and memories. An interactive wall within the exhibition will serve as a collective canvas, capturing the essence of our shared history. This project aspires to empower our Whau community, encouraging dialogue, resilience, and advocacy. Let’s amplify our voices, celebrate our identity, and inspire change together in the face of a dynamic and evolving environment. Join us in preserving our legacy and strengthening our community bonds.” – Nia and Mile

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