Great North, Whau

This series of photographs have been created through pinhole solargraphy workshops along the Whau river, and led by local artist Jenny Tomlin.The workshops involved making simple
pinhole cameras using discarded aluminum drink cans, loading them with photographic paper in a darkroom and then traveling to Ken Maunder Park to set the cameras up to capture images.
Workshop artists include; Jenny Tomlin, Holly Campbell, Yolanda Gao, Jennifer Greengrass, Matt Hurley, Lissa Knight, Kim Maree, Jo Urquhart, Robyn Urquhart, Annie Mein (Teacher),
Amanda Csengo (Interpreter), Lui Aleluia, Hayden Blake, Andrei Deo, Revival Fatu, Evan Huang, Jona Joel, Seth Myburg, Jas Poki, Alexandra Usudan, Lena Tuipulotu, Blaine Windley and Joseph Windley. Special thanks to all the participants from Ko Taku Reo Deaf Provision based at Ormiston Senior College.

Due to covid we decided to work with an already existing group of people instead of doing an open call out for individuals to partake in the workshops. Although this took longer than planned, it was really successful and meant new connections were made with Ko Taku Reo hub in Kelston.

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