Arty Meet-ups

This project offers an opportunity for our Whau Arts community and interested people to connect at 6 meetups that will be hosted at 6 different locations across te Whau. The first of this series took place and was a collaboration with Bike Avondale and local historian Lisa Truttman. People were invited to ride the new […]

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Double Blessings

A photographic series by Anna Delany documenting twins both identical and fraternal across Auckland. This chapter of the series features twins from the Whau Local Board area, photographed in our familiar landscapes. The final photographs were exhibited in the Avondale town centre in the Great North Road Gallery.

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Great North, Whau

This series of photographs have been created through pinhole solargraphy workshops along the Whau river, and led by local artist Jenny Tomlin.The workshops involved making simplepinhole cameras using discarded aluminum drink cans, loading them with photographic paper in a darkroom and then traveling to Ken Maunder Park to set the cameras up to capture images. Workshop

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Field Book

Taking place across three dates in autumn and spring 2018, Field Book is an ongoing series of guided walks along the margins of Te Whau river. Hosted by HOOP-LA the walks explore riverside reserves, discover little known monuments and other semi-public spaces. Through hospitality and acts of gentle trespass, and by providing an ongoing cumulative document, the Field

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