Whau Community Orchestra Concert

Whau Community Orchestra Concert
Saturday 8 September 2018
St Ninnian’s Hall, St Georges Bay, Avondale

Join us for an evening of world music featuring Greek, Argentinian, Indian and contemporary American pieces performed by local musicians.

The evening will feature raga, folk and devotional songs from India, a tango from Argentina and a Greek lament performed on both eastern and western instruments.

Listen to performances by Revati Ekbote, Riddni Kavale, Paul Left, Alexandra Laubli, Akhil Madhur, Arohi Madhur, Basant Madhur, Sargam Madur, Alexandra Parkinson, Rushabh Trivedi and other guest musicians.

The Orchestra
The Whau Community Orchestra is an initiative of the Sargam School of Music and Arts Whau. Over the last three months musicians from diverse cultural traditions have come together to share their musical repertoire and learn from each other. The Orchestra came together from an open invitation to community members to join to create a fusion orchestra, joining the musical traditions of Western and Indian classical music and bringing together the diverse musical backgrounds of West Aucklanders.

The Orchestra is led by Basant Madhur who leads the fusion music ensemble Sargam Fusion. Joining him are Sargam School of Music musicians Shukdev Madhur and Deepak Madhur. All three are internationally recognised performers and teachers of Indian classical music. The Sargam School of Music has been teaching in Blockhouse Bay since 2006.

Indian classical music is based on structured improvisation. It uses a framework of melody and rhythm to create a space for improvisation and creativity to occur within. From simple rules complex and endlessly changing music emerges. Basant Madhur and the musicians of the Sargam School of Music will teach the orchestra members the basic principles Indian classical music leading them on a musical adventure of discovery, exchange and collaboration. The orchestra will perform a public concert in late August.

This community orchestra initiative takes its inspiration from the London Philharmonia. In 2016 their musicians undertook a a cross-cultural collaboration with Indian musicians called “Universal Notes: A Musical Collaboration Between India and the UK” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcEjSktlY0M

Contact us:
Sargam School of Music, http://sargamschoolofmusic.co.nz/ 021 035 7954

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