Urbanesia: At The Moment

Serene Timoteo, Layne Waerea & Tuafale Tanoai a.k.a Linda T
13 – 28 November, 2015
1875 Great North Rd, Avondale (corner Rosebank Road)

At The Moment is a changing programme of transitory artworks responding to the Whau and the diverse communities that live there. It makes its home in Avondale, a suburb that sits at the entrance to the Whau, and reflects on the arterial route of the West – Great North Road. Occupying a window space on Great North Road, At The Moment will change and grow each week as the artists respond to the urban environment surrounding it and the artworks that have come before them.

Serene Timoteo 13 – 17 November
Serene Timoteo is an Auckland based artist of Samoan descent. Using plastic materials sourced from Avondale emporiums and phrases coined by local youth, her works examine the relationships between language and materials and use these to explore identity.

Layne Waerea (Te Arawa, Ngati Kahungunu) 19 – 24 November
An Auckland based artist whose practice involves carrying out performance art interventions in public spaces. These interventions seek to question, challenge and even exploit social and legal ambiguities in the public social.

Tuafale Tanoai a.k.a Linda T 26 – 29 November
Linda.T is an Auckland based artist of Samoan descent and member of D.A.N.C.E. Art Club. Her art practice focuses on short story documentaries through photography and video. She has worked in local radio, TV and short film and is widely recognised for her contributions to small communities in New Zealand through her tireless efforts as a documenter since the early 1980’s.

Part of Urbanesia 2015, Auckland Council’s regional Pacific Festival. www.urbanesia.org.nz

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