Thread My Fresh Wounds Blockhouse Bay Library

Thread My Fresh Wounds
A fibre and knot sculpture on the Blockhouse Bay Library wall
Installed 1 November 2019
578 Blockhouse Bay Road

Right now a community created knot installation is happening at the Blockhouse Bay Library. Conceived of by West Auckland artist Frankie Chu the installation is made of many raw, recycled fibre strings threaded through knots created by local people.

The knots were created during workshops at the library and contain the thoughts and touch of local residents. They are based on a type of tradition decorative Chinese knot used as a button on clothings and also a decorative global knot.

The sculpture addresses the idea of wounds that occur – social, personal and environmental – because of how our contemporary society works and the question of how we might heal them. It’s form represents shelter, connection and healing. Hundreds of strings and knots have gone into making the sculpture.

Frankie Chu says she chose fibre and knotting as “One single strand of string can be looped around becoming an organised network. Knotting in the project acting like a kind of codes offers a silent way to carry people’s unspeakable, suspended emotions and build intuitive networks.” For Chu “when we present as a polished, conscious persona, we often miss many delicate and honest connections over the daily stresses.”

The way of knotting in this installation offer an artistic concern in a changing world.

The installation will remain onsite in the following weeks, responding to and being changed by the weather.

The project has received support from the Whau Local Board and the Blockhouse Bay Library.

About the artist:
Born in Shanghai, Frankie Chu is a West Auckland artist and member of the Original Art Association. She creates sculptures and paintings that think about how we relate to our environment and heal ourselves.

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