The News(prints)

12 Totara Avenue,
New Lynn
Thursday 25 June, 2015
6pm – 8pm

The News(prints) is a collection of current works by members of the Aotearoa-New Zealand arm of The News Network.

Established by Melbourne based artist and academic Marian Crawford, The News Network was initiated as a series of ‘Trans-Tasman research project and artist residencies’ occurring in Australia and New Zealand,
“…artists in this research group will bring their expertise and research strengths together to explore the poetic power of imagery to imaginatively re-picture and re- contextualise current events.”

This project aims to contribute to broader debate around current events and their representation in contemporary media, and strengthen the research in all of the institutions and individuals involved. This project encourages ongoing exchange for those involved and the attending public.

The artists from the Auckland branch of the News Network, under the moniker “The News Collective”, have been involved in a fluid exchange of their expertise and research strengths as a way of exploring the poetic power of imagery to imaginatively re-picture and re-contextualise current events.

In preparation for the forth-coming September residency at Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic’s P-Lab, we invite you to view and comment on our current body of work.

Exploring manual alongside digital print technologies, has allowed The News Collective, Auckland to generate the exhibited prints at a pace that is dictated by the materials in use – as opposed to a frequency dictated by the digital sphere. This negotiation of imagery and text ‘found’ on the internet, is mediated by the machines housed in print studios, and on lounge room floors. The resulting work contextualises the historical format of physically printed word and image, alongside a virtual proliferation of news in the digital age while at the same time seeks to produce lasting artefacts that may (or may not) still be relevant in the immediate future.

The News Collective (Aotearoa–New Zealand) Is Kate Zizys, Karol Wilczynska, Chris McBride and Tosh Ahkit.

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Image: Chris McBride ‘Revelucion’, 2015.

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