The Kitchen

The Kitchen is about the pleasure of writing and eating and sharing. It is about celebrating each other’s stories and making new connections between neighbours.

The Kitchen is a writing workshop series centred around coming together in each other’s kitchens to share stories. Life is busy. It isn’t always easy to get to know the people in your neighbourhood. The old-fashioned popping over for a cuppa is still celebrated but rarely achieved.

The Kitchen is also about celebrating family histories and stories and recording these in the written form. Each workshop will be attended by established Kiwi writers who will share thoughts, tips and experiences of their own. They will also show you how to write the stories you’ve been meaning to write!!

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How does it work?
Once you sign up, you will be invited to meet at a local kitchen with up to 9 others to share food and stories. You will be asked to bring a small dish of finger food to share. If you would like to volunteer to host in your kitchen, you are welcome to!

You will also be invited to 2 half-day workshops (on days to be advised at a local community hall) which will encourage you to explore your writing further.

You are encouraged to submit a small piece of writing for publication on a poster to be displayed in a local shop through the month of July. The writing plus a special family recipe will also be published in an ebook.

The Kitchen is co-ordinated by Renee Liang, Makyla Curtis and Hannah May Thompson

It is realised with the support of the Whau and Albert Eden Local Boards

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