Tagata ma Tagaloa

Tagata ma Tagaloa


New Lynn Community Centre

Sau E Siva West Auckland

Sau e Siva West Auckland: Tagata ma Tagaloa

Join us in the Whau as we offer free Siva Samoa (Samoan dance) classes to girls aged 5 – 16.
As a small but growing community group that has been running for the last eight years, we aim to teach our tama’ita’i the foundations of Siva Samoa.

Previous themes that we have looked at include measina (treasure) and storytelling.
For this year’s theme, we acknowledge the spiritual side of Siva Samoa in the sense that we dance with our village and ancestors behind us. Throughout the year, we look forward to inviting guest speakers with the skills and knowledge to enhance the learnings of our themes.

We are fortunate to offer free classes at the New Lynn Community Centre under Aktive Zone. Guest speakers to enrich the cultural learnings on offer thanks to the Whau Local Board.

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