ROBOART Workshop

ROBOART Workshop and Exhibition
Workshop: 19 November 2016
Exhibition 19 November – 27 November
Out of the factory : The Robot is our Artist and she is looking forward to collaborating with you to make art

This workshop installation involved an industrial robot interpreting photographs and re-drawing them. Over the course of a day it created a series of works for its own exhibition, provoking questions about creative, value and machine art.

Visitors took a photo in/around Avondale and watched the Robot interpret their photograph which then became part of the ROBOART exhibition.

Humans created robots to work for and with us, but their capabilities now go far beyond that. The “Robot Drawing” exhibition shows just how far. This piece raises questions about contemporary issues of creativity, authorship and automation. Robotics have been moving steadily from science fiction into the everyday. Although they are synonymous with anxieties surrounding employment security where work is highly repetitive, we turn our gaze to robotics in the creative sector.

thanks for support; Whau Arts Broker / Whau Local Board & ABB Robotics
this project was part of the Outsiders Art Fair 2016;

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