Pulling it off safely

Wednesday May 31, 2 – 5:30 pm
New Lynn Community Centre
Totara Ave, New Lynn

A workshop on developing Health and Safety Plans for arts events filled with practical exercises and really good advice led by Cathy Knowsley.

“as event professionals we create very unique experiences each time we set up a new event or event site.  And with this we create very unique sets of risks and potential hazards.” Cathy Knowlsey

This workshop is designed to help us create and deliver our unique experiences while keeping everyone safe. It will cover the basic principles of developing a health and safety plan, including identifying hazards and management strategies for the events you are planning be they small or large. It will also talk about how to put your plan in action on the day. And finally, it will help us be better informed on our H&S obligations.

The workshop will be practical, drawing on the events you are running and the experiences you have had so bring your knowledge and expertise to share with the group.

There are only 12 places.
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About Cathy
Cathy Knowsley has been delivering live events since 1990 and has worked extensively in theatre and production management. She is currently the director of HiViz, a Wellington based event management company that specialises in safety planning and event delivery. Cathy has worked on a wide range of projects from the NZ International Arts Festival to the Rugby World Cup and is currently advising the 2017 Auckland Arts Festival on health and safety planning.

The workshop is funded by the Whau Local Board through the Whau Community Arts Broker.

Image: Today’s Lessons, Briar Collard and Chris Rex Martin, New Lynn, 2016

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