Powertool Records 20 year Anniversary

Powertool Records presents The Kaleidoscope World Festival

Since 2001 Powertool Records has been operating out of New Lynn releasing alternative indie rock from New Zealand and all over the world. In that time, close to 200 releases have come out under their banner. Fiercely independent with a “can-do attitude” that has developed into more than just a record label, Powertool has branched out, and now operates a number of other related music business brands all under the wide umbrella of Powertool Records. Being a DIY label, Powertool purchased a CD duplicator in their first year. This gave them the ability to make CDs in house in smaller runs which suited their attitude of making good music available, no matter how commercially viable each project was. This resulted in an avalanche of alternative music being released. Times have changed, as have formats, however Powertool forges on with their “can-do attitude,” and adjusts their business model to suit.

The Kaleidoscope World Series started 2003. This has been a showcase Powertool event featuring up to ten acts.At each show a CD featuring a track from each artist has been produced and made exclusively available at the show.

As this year is our twentieth anniversary, we have expanded the Kaleidoscope into a festival with up to 30 acts. The acts will be a mixture of both Powertool artists and local bands based in the Whau. There will be up to three stages. Acts so far confirmed include Mary, Loud Ghost, Surf Friends, The Fuzzies, Superturtle, Enshrine, Art Wank, Crossroads Dirt, and Quaint. There are more to come.

Also happening on the same day at the same venue will be the New Lynn Record Fair. That will be happening in the morning prior to the festival commencing in order to give you plenty of time to pick up that sort after record you’ve been searching for without missing any of the live action to come.

Where: – The New Lynn Community Centre
When – Sunday the 6th June 2pm – 11pm
Tickets will be available from Under The Radar.

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