Posters Across the Whau

Four artists have been invited to create posters that respond to how they experience their local area in the Whau. The first poster series by José Barbosa, Ladies of Great North Road, went up in shops along Great North Road in May 2015. Bepen Bhana’s poster, responding to the history of his family as fruit suppliers in Blockhouse Bay began to go up in early June starting in Green Bay and Blockhouse Bay. Vaimaila Urale and Dane Taylor photographed local business owners and staff in Avondale in the places she frequents. From the Green Jade Takeaway and the Samoan Language centre to the local music store and bakery she captured a slice of Avondale. The latest poster, a photo realistic drawing by Ruth Cleland, shows a roundabout in New Windsor.

Thanks to all the local shops, libraries and community centres who agreed to host a poster (there are currently around 60 of you), you rock.

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