Pasifika Tapa Workshop

This was an all day workshop where participants gained insight into how tapa is made and the cultural importance of this artform in the Pacific. The final outcome of this workshop changed with works being taken home with the participants, instead of being exhibited in the libraries afterward. Instead, final presentation is in the form of an article in the Spinoff and further workshops are in discussion to be delivered

“The materials produced in the workshop that was aimed to be shown at libraries around the whau were taken home by the participants as they wanted to share with their close ones their first expe- rience with tapa making. This was a decision I had to make on the spot as I realised that the experience for the participants is more important than showing the outcomes of a workshop in a space. I felt that this workshop became more of a cultural re-connection to tapa for the participants, therefore it was import- ant that the tangible outcomes of their work were to be taken home with them.

We stitched patterns and shapes on tapa – each imagery was personal to the participants. Some of them were a bit hesitant to stitch onto tapa so they were given the option to use fabric. Eventually more people joined our stitching circle and talanoa and stitching on tapa became more comfortable for most of the participants after seeing everyone in the circle engaging with the materials. This was a high- light for me personally as I wanted the Pacific people to leave the workshop knowing they can own their cultural stories with tapa.” – Jasmine Tuiā, Project Lead

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