New Lynn performance series

Between June and September the New Lynn Town Centre experienced performances popping up all over the place from clowning and musicians to dancers.

Mornings at the train station: With the support of Auckland Transport we ran a series of morning events to bring a spot of joy and fun to winter morning commutes. Between the 22nd of June and the 28th of July the White Face Crew brought their unique style of physical comedy to New Lynn, using costumes mime, clowning and dance; well known musician Chris O’Connor rustled his Tin Can costume musically; and David Ward performed alt country banjo songs.

McCrae Way: In the evening of Thursday 29th of June Adam Rohe used mime and clowning to invite passing people to a game of thumb catch, creating small moments of silent connection and gifting people with small souvenirs.

Memorial Square: Finally on Saturday 29 July Freshmans Dance Crew brought their energy and style down to Memorial Square performing three Hip Hop Dance shows and running competitions for people to participate in.

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