Asian Women Talk About …

Come chat with your fave aunties in this series of casual zine workshops hosted by Migrant Zine Collective and Creative Creatures. No experience necessary. Just a burning desire to decolonize, decarbonise and dismantle the patriarchy.

Join us in a series of four workshops aiming to explore, dissect and celebrate the experiences of pan-Asian communities connected to the Whau region. These workshops offer a space for pan-Asian folk of all ages to unpack the racialised and gendered barriers which impact their everyday lives. We encourage you to come and learn, share and release your pent up emotions.

Each workshop will be held in a different space around the Whau region, and will include facilitated informal discussions as well as a zine-making session. We’re excited to explore the themes of: food; sustainability; dating, sex and love; and reimagining feminist futures with you. The collected creations from these workshops will build towards a printed community zine.

Disclaimer: This workshop is hosted by a group of Asian women in community organising, activism, theatre and the arts. While this workshop is open to all people of colour, we centre our approach towards our own lived experiences of racism, patriarchal oppression and misogyny. Please take this into consideration when signing up as we aim to provide a space which empowers marginalised voices.

Organised by Gemishka Chetty, Aiwa Poomorn and Helen Yeung

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