Acting for Stage and Camera


New Lynn


Acting for Stage and Camera, 2023

This was a 10 week acting class for beginners that took place in the Whau. This project offered Whau community access to performing art classes for free – an opportunity that is often limited to those that have the time and means to attend poly-techs, universities or private institutions.

“The performing arts (drama, dance and music) provide a great medium for self or group expression as well as entertainment. This initiative helped to build self-confidence, develop creativity, language and communication skills, emotional intelligence and physical development” – Jarred, Creative Director

Jarred’s passion for and experience in the performing arts, music, directing and producing films, and teaching have brought him to starting In Session Productions. There he helps you to create the best production, performance, event and first impression!

“I like to try new things and just out of curiosity I found this acting class and I thought, “let’s give it a shot” and see how acting happens and what goes on behind the scenes. Jarred, our tutor, has so much experience working with productions and learning from him was interesting. I would highly encourage everyone to give it a shot. Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do.” – Shahdan Samnani, Student

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