Manaakitanga Fund

We know that hospitality is incredibly important for making audiences and artists feel supported and welcome. We also know that creative groups are working on very tight budgets to realise their exhibitions, performances, workshops and community events. The manaakitanga fund is intended to help with this.

Whau arts groups and community organisations can apply to the Whau Community Arts Broker for up to $100 for the provision of food and non-alcoholic refreshments for participants when hosting an arts related public event (this can be an exhibition or performance, a planning, consultation, or networking event, or for a workshop or bringing together of people to create collaboratively).

Where artists are donating their time for a public community event groups can apply to the fund for the purpose of providing the artists with food and non-alcoholic refreshments on the day.

Fund Eligibility:
1. Event is based in the Whau
2. The primary audience or participants are Whau residents
3. The event takes place in the month following the application
4. The event is not-for-profit

Email the Whau Community Arts Broker ( using the subject line: Manaakitanga Fund

In the email tell her:
• who you or your group are;
• what the event is about;
• what part of the community it is for;
• when it is taking place;
• how many people you anticipate attending;
• How much you need to spend (this can be more or less than the $100 maximum).

Your application will be considered by Melissa Laing, Whau Community Arts Broker, in consultation with Auckland Council Community Development Facilitators and Arts and Culture Advisers.

If you are funded you will need to provide the Whau Community Arts Broker with receipts, photographs from the event and a brief description of how it went.

* Manaakitanga: hospitality, kindness, generosity, support – the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others.

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