Charlotte Museum

The Charlotte Museum Trust collects and preserves artifacts of lesbian culture such as labrys, music, theatre, film, literature, art and other memorabilia from early lesbian life in New Zealand / Aotearoa. Currently we have a collection of 800 lesbian cultural artifacts: Labrys (in bone, glass and silver), domestic ware, lesbian ceramics, 2100 lesbian books and many of the early magazines from both New Zealand and overseas.

You can visit them on Wednesday & Sundays between 1 – 4pm or by appointment
8 Bentinck St, New Lynn, Auckland
and follow their blog here:

Image Credit: Detail from ‘Invulved’ an exhibition of knitted poppies, vulva-poppies, and vulva, arranged in the shape of a silver fern, recognizing the role of Women played in World War I

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