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Open Homes

“Open Homes is an agriCulture-supported community, building community resilience and regenerating a culture of abundance through growing and sharing food, knowledge and resources. Its vision is to be a generative social sculpture engaged in growing a village. We believe in an alternative economy built on gifting, exchange and sharing. This non-monetary economy is built on […]

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The Public Stand

Becca WoodAn audio guided walk through the Avondale Racecourse First launched Saturday Afternoon 12 September Artist Becca Wood invites you to join her at the edge of Avondale Racecourse for The Public Stand, an audio guided walk through the Racecourse grounds. The walk can be undertaken as a solo or group experience at anytime the

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Rangi Matariki

Pita TureiTuesday, 14 July, 6 amMeet at Rangimatariki,Rosebank Domain, 126 Patiki Rd, Avondale.7:20 am Walk to Motu Manawa across the mud flats Join storyteller Pīta Turei at Rangimatariki for the third in a series of storytelling events. Standing on the point of Rangimatariki, a history of the land and people can be shared. This history

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Rainbow Safe Sticker

Rainbow Safe Sticker was born from a real-world conversation that some of your people witnessed at a local Youth Workers forum in 2019. The conversation highlighted that there was a lack of knowledge and understanding about our young LGBTQI community amongst local youth workers. Rainbow Safe was our young artists response to that – a

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Intergenerational painting

The Intergenerational Project was a series of 10 workshops with elderly and children focussed on pattern creation, and tile making led by Ekarasa Doblanovic in partnership with Age Concern. The designs were painted with locally sourced earth. The project’s long term goal is to use the painted designs made by participants to create a mural

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Fijian Weaving

Presented by The Veiqia Project and Te Uru at the newly re-opened All Goods, join us for a Fijian weaving workshop to celebrate the arts within Fijian communities. Learn how to weave with master artist Joana Monolagi (Serua) and artist Luisa Tora (Kadavu). Joana and Luisa are working on an upcoming project at Te Uru,

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Wahakura Wānanga

We will come together as a community to learn about manaaki whenua, tikanga for gathering, preparing and weaving of the wahakura. Together we will weave one wahakura and decide as a group who it will be gifted to This wānanga promotes 3-whiri based wahakura, sustaining strength and integrity in its foundations. This type of wahakura

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