The 2023/2024 funding round is now closed. The next funding round will open in July 2024.

Arts Whau is an initiative from the Whau Local Board to support and enable community-led arts projects throughout the Whau. Your Whau Community Arts Broker is Jody Yawa McMillan whose role it is to identify, curate, programme and enable community arts activities.

What can I apply for?

You can apply for funding for a project in any art form; music, writing, visual arts, games, theatre, digital experiments, workshops, poetry, dance, film, food to walking projects (to name just a few past projects). What’s important is that the project:

– meaningfully involves a local community and/or community themes
– is led by a local or someone with strong local connections
– has an strong creative idea behind it
– and takes place in the Whau Local Board area between October 2023 and June 2024.

What will the funding cover?

Arts Whau will pay for project management time, artist fees, project costs, access support, promotion, and manaakitanga. In previous years Arts Whau has funded between 12 and 17 projects a year and funding has ranged from $300 for a single workshop to $12,000 for a multi week multi artist project.

Need help with your proposal or idea?

Get in touch with Janet or Jody to kōrero.  We are here to support you all the way through the proposal process.
Jody: 0212453232

Get inspired by the creative projects Arts Whau have supported to date.

I’m ready, how do I apply?

To submit a proposal, you’ll need to let us know:
– what your idea is, who’s involved, when you plan to do it, and what the community involvement or outcomes are.
– which focus area your application falls under
– what the budget is and how much you would like to apply for
– any other assistance you think you may need

Your project must:
– have a strong creative idea driving it
– give equal weight to creative ideas and community benefit
– have strong local connections
– have some sort of public outcome, which can be online

Proposals are due by 11.59pm on Tuesday 12th September and should be completed in the form below with any supporting material emailed to;

Apply below

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